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Welcome to Meniere's Help. The global information & support network for vestibular disorders. We are dedicated to bringing you the truth about Meniere's.

The main focus of this site has always been to give you positive information and support in controlling and ridding yourself of your symptoms.

You can find comprehensive information here about Meniere's. The focus is very much on how to live symptom free and indeed find your underlying cause.

And make no mistake, despite what you may have been told there is one or more causes. This is an undeniable biological law of nature: Cause and effect.

With over 12 years of experience supporting Meniere's sufferers and over 7 years of extensive research and study into triggers and underlying causes, we can now categorically say that nobody has to live with this debilitating condition.

Never let anyone tell you that there is nothing more that can be done, learn to live with it or it is in your head.

Your symptoms are very real and there are very real underlying causes and reasons you are experiencing such horrendous symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, brain fog and tinnitus.

Meniere's is not a disease as such. It is an idiopathic set of symptoms that get lumped together under this label when the doctors can not find the reason for them. 

When you are "diagnosed" with Meniere's, all that means in reality is you have a set of symptoms, three of which are usually considered by mainstream medicine to include the classic triad of hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus.

After what are usually a rather shallow reaching set of tests to rule out more sinister things such a tumor and confirm things like hearing loss it is then declared to be "Meniere's", which is basically saying you have a set of symptoms and we don't know why.

What they are effectively doing is consigning you to the 'can't be solved' file.

You are then sent off with often pretty ineffective drugs and told to live with it. In some cases you might reach the stage where you receive surgical or other invasive procedures that destroy the natural biology of the body.

The problem is cultural. In modern medical practice, doctors are, on the whole, trained to 'treat' symptoms rather than investigate the underlying cause. This problem is endemic in today's attitude to medicine.

Too often people are suffering needlessly through lack of real knowledge and the will to investigate the underlying cause.

This is what we are trying to help get across and why we are trying to get everyone educated to the truth of the matter.

For years we have known that, at the very least, through dietary manipulation, lifestyle changes and the use of 'quality' supplementation people have been able to live symptom free.

Now after years of extensive research and first hand experiences we have proven facts and data to back up the truth that you can find your cause and live free of Meniere's completely.

This can be done, it has been done and is being done all the time.

You can find your cause and cure yourself of this horrible set of symptoms. The word "cure" is deceptive simply because of our perception of its meaning. Read more on this and understand why you can indeed "cure yourself of Meniere's" here. It is just a case of having the knowledge and using that knowledge to set yourself free.

We are here to help you with this knowledge and support you until you are healthy again and have your life back.

Search through the site and educate yourself on the truth of what you are experiencing and why. For a more comprehensive look at what you need to know all in one place read our findings in 'Managing Meniere's Disease - How to Live Symptom Free'

Alternatively, you can contact us anytime you like at:

We are here to help and give you as much information, guidance and support that you need until you get back to normal and have your life back again. Please never hesitate to contact us with questions, worries or concerns.

And your feedback and testimonials are always very appreciated.

We usually reply to all emails within a couple of hours; rarely longer than 24 hours. If you don't see our reply, please check your spam box just in case.

The bottom line is, you DO NOT have to live with Meniere's. Understand this, get informed and take appropriate action. You will become healthy again.
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Learn why your doctor only treats your symptoms and often ignores the sometimes shocking facts you should know that will set you free. Discover the secrets hidden in plain view and why you are not being told about them.
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* Blood test support the fact that toxins are one of the major causes of Meniere's and agree on the need for internal cleansing & nutritional support as the answer.

* Dr Burcon's views on spinal misalignments becoming more accepted as a cause of Meniere's & tinnitus.

*The Meniere's Help store: Self help books on Meniere's, supplements and other health products to keep your body toxin free and you symptom free.