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Supplemets for Mercury Detox
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USANA Essentials
USANA Active Calcium
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USANA Biomega
USANA Proflavonol
USANA Ginkgo
   Essential Mega Antioxidants                         Grape seed extract                                Calcium                            Ginkgo                           CoQ10                                Omega 3 Oils
   Multi Vitamins & Minerals                              Vit C/Bioflavonoid                             

Why these supplements might help Meniere's?
Lipo-Flavonoid Plus
DNA Force
  Lipo-flavonoid Plus                            DNA Force
      Ear Formula

Why these supplements might Help Meniere's?
Ginseng Fusion Eleuthero & Ashwagandha
               Ginseng Fusion:
         Eleuthero & Ashwagandha

      Why this might Help Meniere's?
Detoxadine Nascent Iodine
       Detoxadine Nascent Iodine

    Why this might Help Meniere's?
Organifi Green Juice
       Pycnogenel Flavonoid

Why this might Help Meniere's?
Metal Sweep Mercury Detox
Dr Mercola Chlorella
Organic Garlic Supplement
USANA Probiotic
            Metal Sweep                              Cilantro                         Chlorella                                Garlic                                    Probiotic                           Silica                          Horsetail

Why these Supplements might Help Meniere's?
Horsetail supplement
Mercury Detoxification
Beta 1,3D Glucan
Methylsufonylmethane ( MSM )
Cocculus Composition
Vitamin E
            L-Lysine                      Beta 1,3D Glucan                Vinpocetine                            MSM                 Coculus Composition               VertigoHeel                               Vitamin E

Why these Supplements might Help Menieres?
From John of Ohio's Regimen
Organic Green tea
            Chlorella                                      Turmeric                                     Wheatgrass                             Ashwagandha
             Green Tea                                    Moringa                                      Spirulina                            Organifi Green Juice

Why these foods might Help Meniere's?
Super Foods
One of the first things you should do when you are diagnosed with Meniere's Disease or suffering from Meniere's symptoms, before going through the list of possible causes and triggers checking them off one by one, is to get serious about your lifestyle and eating habits. Dietary consideration is a tried, tested and proven way to bring your symptoms under control.

Cutting down on processed salt and eating clean, toxic free, nutritious organic food is the fasted and best initial step you can take to combat Meniere's.

There are plenty of pages and articles on Menieres-Help.Com and the blog connected to diet.  Whether you have Meniere's or not, in this toxic world, eating organic and supplementing with quality products to support your immune system just makes sense. Never a truer word was spoken when the phrase "you are what you eat" was coined. The Case for Supplementation & Eating Organic.
Organic Food
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: You DO NOT need every supplement on this page. The supplements in the first box are from the original regimen that has been so successful in helping keep Meniere's symptoms at bay for thousands over the past 12 years. Other supplements below are linked to specific issues. Click on the "Why?" links for explanations and related articles.
Doctor Strand's supplement regimen for Meniere's. As seen on Menieres-Help.Com and other sites
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