The Need For Balance - Dealing With Cause of Meniere's
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"The Need For Balance" delves deeper into your root cause(s) of Meniere's  and reveals some SHOCKING findings from our 5 years of study and research into underlying causes of this condition and how to deal with them.

You DO NOT have to live with Meniere's disease. Find your cause and learn how to free yourself of Meniere's

Do you have to live with the symptoms of what we call Meniere's?

I say, No, you don't

A Bold claim you might think?

So just who am I and why should YOU listen to me?

I'm Mike and these are my two little angels....a little more about them later.

To cut a very long story, short.

I was diagnosed with Meniere's in February 1996.

Over the next 7 years I saw 16 doctors and several different various types of
health professionals in the UK, US, NZ & Japan.

In the west they insisted on giving me an unholy mix of drugs including betahistine,
procloperazine and hydrochlorothiazide. Possibly better known to you by their brand names

In Japan I was given more of the same, along with a disgusting tasting
glycerin drink and drugs to help blood flow and increase energy.

They also gave me tranquilizers which coupled with the ever present brain
fog and exhaustion made me like a walking zombie being driven insane by
constant noise sensitivity, punctuated by daily vertigo attacks.

If  I was "lucky" enough to feel the attack coming on I would buy some
meclizine. That would really help my exhaustion go into overdrive and
I sometimes felt like someone had suddenly flipped my power switch off .

I tried Chlorella and for a time and felt some relief but it didn't last. I then tried
acupuncture and that helped a lot but in the end the acupuncturist was
fighting a losing battle, especially in the Typhoon season.

They say, "don't let your struggle become your identity". Over time my life
became variations of vertigo, nausea, vomiting and drop attacks.

On lighter days I only had to worry about the tinnitus, fluctuating hearing loss
brain fog, severe sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, confusion, depression
and constant fear of an impending full blown "attack"

Late 2001 I started to go bilateral and the drop attacks got worse.

I became so depserate I broke the bank to fly to San Diego and have
an endolymphatic shunt implant. 

Only days after the op I flew home again with spinal fluid dripping out of my nose.

In time, I felt great for a few weeks but then while bending down to tie my shoes laces
one day, a massive vertigo attack hit.  It was devastating.

I called the surgeon to tell him.....his advice to me was "don't bend down"

I felt at the time, I'd exhausted all avenues and a nerve section
was too scary to contemplate.

Eighteen months previous I had read that supplements might help. To be honest, I didn't
trust the idea one bit (hence the eighteen months passing by) but was now so
deperate, I would have drunk kitchen bleach if I'd thought it would have helped!

I contacted the website owners, where I'd read about the supplements and
they helped me get hold of  them.

Once I started taking them I got better and better over weeks and within six
months all the symptoms were gone, bar slight tinnitus and the deafness. 

This was 2002

I had been assured the surgery would not affect my hearing, yet before
the operation my hearing fluctuated anywhere from terrible to near perfect
and anywhere in between.     Now it was constantly very poor.

I could live with that though. With the vertigo and all the other hideous symptoms
gone, it was happy days.     It had been a long time since I felt so good.

For a time I forgot all about Meniere's but after about a year I kept thinking about the
so called "disease" that had ruined my life and that of my family for so long.

I was also curious as to why the supplements were able to keep it at bay. I knew
I wasn't cured. I felt there was always the possibility of it ambushing me should I
let it.

Around 2004 I did three things:

I started doing a bit more research about Meniere's, started a three year course in
clinical nutrition and started my first Menieres help website.
And with the help of the people from I started supporting other sufferers.

Late 2006 I made three videos & eventually put them on youtube.
Frankly they were awful.
I was trying to tell people about the supplements but I wasn't comfortable in front of the camera
and had this "who do I think I am" argument going on in my head and I fretted that there were those
who might think I was a scam artist. I was too self concsious

Well that was a long time ago and Times have changed.

In my support work, quite often I would talk to people who had actually found their
underlying cause and fixed the more symptoms. No meds and
often no supplements.

With more and more of these experiences and the fact I was a bit envious
of people getting their hearing back completely while on the supplements,
and inspired by the work of Karin Henderson in Canada on  possible triggers and underlying
causes, I started digging deeper into this from around 2008.

For five years I spoke to doctors, other health pofessionals, went to libraries
and searched the internet but most of the best information I got was from
you the sufferers. Over  5,000 emails currently sit in my inbox and
this is the third account I have used purely for Meniere's.

I recorded all my findings and have written this book for you to use as a
guide. I believe everyone can find their underlying cause.

And I will happily debate this fact with any doctor and never stand down.

The original draft for this book was finished winter 2010.  Unfortunatley in
March 2011, just as I was about to release it, the great earthquake and tsunami
hit Japan and created a catastrophic chain of events that saw me lose

Another long story but the plus side of all this was I could add more to the book and
even include my own case study in looking for my cause. Which I believe I found.

So where are we now?

I am sick to death of hearing or reading variation of the words:

"My doctor told me there is nothing more to be done, learn to live with it"

It makes my blood boil, knowing my own experience, and seeing and hearing of sufferers
freeing themsleves all the time.  I've been seeing this for many years.
I wonder if the doctors who do say that would be so disimissive if it were they who "just had to live with it".

For years we have known at the very least a change of lifestyle and diet
can help.

In fact I received an mail only today and it read in part:

"My husband is doing quite well now.  He quit taking  all medication and instead we made a pretty major lifestyle change. 
We have tried to cut all processed foods out of our diets and are eating a whole food diet. 
Since we made this change, he has returned to his good health. 
No symptoms at all, until we fall off the wagon and start eating junk again.  "

He obviously decided NOT to just live with it

Most of  us eat crappy foods full of salt, sugar, MSG and chemicals. God knows what
toxic petro chemical based pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on our
supermarket produce, and we don't exactly get much protection from the
powers that be.

Our meat supply is pumped with steroids and antibiotics.

Our homes are full of toxic chemicals and most of us drink alocohol. We
work too much and often live with too much stress.

Alergens in the air are a problem, sinuses are a huge problem and heavy
weather piles the pressure on the nerves in your ear, already under seige.

Well there are one or two things you might help with doctor!

And the list goes on...merely dismissing it as hearsay or anecdotal isn't
good enough I'm afraid. Maybe the culture is to blame but that is no
comfort to a Meniere's sufferer when there is so much that can be done.

Are these factors contributing triggers or actual underlying causes?

Lets look at what the medical community is actually doing about Meniere's. It bothers me that
drug companies can get large funding while reseach in to cures and causes are few and far between.

There is research into the cause at Syndey University, there is research into
genetics going on, stem cell technology in Germany, DNA research and the "High School
student" findings of cochlin proteins in affected ears.

That's all great, and I might be wrong but it seems to me they are all trying to prove it is
one thing that causes Meniere's.... when clearly there is not only one cause.

A doctor in Japan says most of us sufferers have the herpes virus, autoimmune disorders
are said to be found in 5 ~ 15% of us. Mercury in amalgam fillings is definitely
a huge problem, TMJs, metabolic problems, endocrine problems, misalignments
in the spine and neck, even candida albicans.

There is nothing more to be done and learn to live with it? I don't think so!

I say learn to live without it.

You do not HAVE to live with Meniere's.  Please read about everything I discovered
And the truth of the facts you should know, in "Managing  Meniere's Disease - How to live symptom free"

Read my message below and  I hope you join us in the Meniere's Free community project

I look forward to joining you on your journey back to freedom.

Finally, I just want to thank my two wonderful kids. They helped me through my worst times with Meniere's and have supported me in the years of research and writing of this book. 

They know what this book means to you.

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