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Supplements for Meniere's Disease
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USANA Essentials
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The regimen to the left is the original set of supplements that has helped Meniere's sufferers either reduce or completely eliminate their symptoms through supporting their immune system for the past 15 years.

The product names may be changed but they are essentially the same thing just upgraded.

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USANA Biomega
USANA Proflavonol
USANA Ginkgo
   Essential Mega Antioxidants                         Grape seed extract                                Calcium                            Ginkgo                                                        
   Multi Vitamins & Minerals                              Vit C/Bioflavonoid                             

Why these supplements might help Meniere's?
Lipo-Flavonoid Plus
DNA Force
  Lipo-flavonoid Plus                         CoQ10                         Omega Oil
      Ear Formula

Why these supplements might Help Meniere's?
Detoxadine Nascent Iodine
       Detoxadine Nascent Iodine

    Why this might Help Meniere's?
Metal Sweep Mercury Detox
                                       Metal Sweep                  

Why these Supplements might Help Meniere's?
One of the first things you should do when you are diagnosed with Meniere's Disease is to get serious about your lifestyle and eating habits. Dietary consideration is a tried, tested and proven way to reduce bring your symptoms under control.

Cutting down on processed salt and eating clean, toxic free, nutritious organic food is the fasted and best initial step you can take to combat Meniere's. Read The Case for Supplementation & Eating Organic.

Ideally you want to be eating fresh organic whole foods from farmers markets. In addition, Amazon has a huge selection of organic cooking ingredients and storable foods. Click here to find what you need on Amazon.
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: You DO NOT need every supplement on this page.  Click on the "Why?" links for explanations and articles related to products
Click on each product image to get supplements & a seperate page will open.

Lipoflavonoid, CoQ10 and Omega oil was added to the regimen above by Dr Strand in more recent years for a maximum recommendation.

DNA force is a single alternative to the regimen or to be used as a replacement forCoQ10.

Read more about DNA Force here
Click on each product image to get supplements & a seperate page will open.

Detoxadine is for sufferers who also have thyroid issues. Read more about Detoxadine here

Metal sweep is for detoxing mercury. Read more about this product here
                   DNA FORCE

Why might this supplement  help Meniere's?
Managing Meniere's Disease
Managing Meniere's Disease - How to Live Symptom Free written by Mike Spencer: Founder of Meniere's Help.

Read what people are saying about this book here

The Need for Balance - Dealing with the Cause of Meniere's is Mike Spencer's second book, the follow up book to Managing Meniere's. Read more about The Need for Balance here

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The Need for Balance
The Meniere's Help Reports ten part series is a collection of books on Amazon kindle.

Click here to go to Amazon kindle store or click on the image below

The kindle books include:
1. The Importance of diet
2. Metabolism, thyrod and endocrine system
3. Amalgam & Mercury toxicty
4. Airborne allergies & mold
5. Musculoskeletal imbalances
6. Viral and bacterial possibilities
7. Immune system
8. Stress
9. Food allergies
10. Triggers
Meniere's Help Reports Ten Part Series
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