Meniere's Help was born from the experiences of a group of former sufferers who were brought together through having very similar experiences with Meniere's. That being, that we had all suffered for several years or had family members suffer with the tortuous symptoms of Meniere's disease.  The binding factor was that we had all managed to free ourselves of the condition by combining our focus on lifestyle, nutrition and an endless search for answers.

This particular site was first set up by Mike Spencer in 2004. We have people across the world running a network of sister sites on the web educating people about the truth of this condition. WE may come at it from slightly different perspectives  but between us we have reached tens of thousands around the globe with our positive approach to Meniere's.

At the time of Meniere's Help's inception the whole attitude towards Meniere's was one of negativity and resignation to the mis-informed opinion that once you had Meniere's you had little choice but to accept having to learn to live with the terribly debilitating symptoms of this condition.

It is an attitude still very prevalent today within the medical community, which leaves millions around the world suffering needlessly in most cases.

We took a lot of abuse in the early days on forums and the like, being accused of being scam artists with no credibility. Well thirteen years later we are still here, not only with the same message that you can control your symptoms with quality supplements, healthy fresh balanced nutrition from whole foods and a sensible restrained lifestyle but that you can now actually find and deal with your underlying causes, therefore freeing yourself of Meniere's, period!

Sufferers are now more open to the common sense understanding of nutrition as a preventative type of natural medicine and many people know about supplementation being beneficial to not only Meniere's sufferers but helpful and sometimes vital in many health conditions. The key is having the 'right' nutrition.

Most doctors are still telling their patients that there is nothing more to be done and they have to learn to live with it, palming them off with usually ineffective drugs and sometimes offering destructive surgery as treatment.

Not long after starting this site, Mike studied clinical nutrition. He has since dedicated his life (8 years so far at the time of writing) to studying and researching the underlying root causes of Meniere's and continues to do so. Mike has authored two books on this subject that can be found on this site, as well as ten reports sold on Amazon kindle.

Menieres Help has many thousands of contacts across the spectrum of the Meniere's community from sufferers, former sufferers and health professionals. We have seen countless people control their symptoms and get their life back by searching for and dealing with their own particular underlying causes.

We now know categorically, that nobody should have to live with this condition. Because the general consensus within mainstream medicine is still that there is no cure and nobody knows the cause, most Meniere's patients continue to suffer through lack of knowledge. The key word missing in this assumption is "definitive" cure. There are good reasons for this.

It is simply not true that there is no cure and that nobody knows the cause. The problem is research concentrates on finding a definitive cause and comes up with little when very clearly there are many possible causes. Each patient must be be treated on individual merit, as what causes the resulting symptoms of hydrops at root in one sufferer can be very different to the next. We do know however, the common themes among sufferers and what to look for.

We at Meniere's Help, our friends and colleagues work tirelessly to continue to learn and get this information out to all sufferers. We also correspond with sufferers on a daily basis.

Our message is simple: You do not have to live with Meniere's; Learn to live without it and set yourself free. Just as we have and just as countless others have.  Knowledge is everything, but knowledge is useless unless you use it to get yourself healthy again. It can be done, it has been done and is being done all the time.
Managing Meniere's Disease
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Managing Meniere's Disease - How to Live Symptom Free
Managing Meniere's Disease - How to Live Symptom Free
Managing Meniere's Disease
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