Supplements for Meniere's Disease
By Mike Spencer Founder of Meniere's Help
Researcher and author of Managing Meniere's Disease
and The Need for Balance - Dealing with the Causes of Meniere's

Is it possible to manage the symptoms of Meniere's by using dietary supplements


If you are considering using supplements for reducing symptoms of Meniere's disease, then two things need to be considered.

Firstly, supplementing your diet is by no means the only aspect to consider when dealing with Meniere's disease. However, it has proven over many years to be a very effective way to reduce the symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and even hearing loss. When you consume trustworthy supplements you are simply giving your body clean food with high concentrations of biologically beneficial nutrients clinically proven to be needed for all the systems of your body to run as they should, including the immune system

History and experience tells us that if the supplements used provide the correct nutrients and are of high enough quality,it may be possible to manage and reduce the severity of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss.

History also tells us that hearing loss and tinnitus are the most difficult to solve.

Why using 'quality' dietary supplements for Meniere's and eating clean food can reduce your symptoms

There are quite literally thousands of supplement manufacturers out there and the quality and safety of products varies greatly; from dangerous, completely useless, moderately good to top quality therapeutic significance.

Unfortunately, generally there is little regulation from the FDA or other national bodies around the world to guarantee the safety, potency and quality of nutritional supplements . They are classed as foods not drugs and many supplements do not have the exact amounts of nutrients quoted on the containers.

In addition to that, many use fillers and binders that are either not useful or are not absorbed well into your body. Some even have harmful ingredients. It is partly for this reason that supplements in general can sometimes get bad press and are sometimes frowned upon..

Adequate amounts of the correct nutrition can help prevent inflammation and support your immune system in tackling inflammation.

A very basic description of the regimen we have used since 2002:*

1. A Broad spectrum, optimized multi-vitamin very high in anti-oxidants,  full spectrum multi-mineral with relevant co-factors

2. A Grape seed extract formula

3. A Ginkgo Biloba formula

4. A Calcium formula

Everyone is different but broadly speaking the vast majority of people who communicate with Meniere's Help manage their symptoms on the above.

Ray Strand, medical doctor and best selling author later added Omega oils, Lipoflavonoid Plus and CoQ10 to the above recommendations for Meniere's symptoms.

The entire concept behind the use of quality supplements is to help support your biology and immune system through cellular nutrition.  For a number of reasons, the average modern diet is often no longer sufficient to do this. Moreover, much of the average modern diet can be problematic to our health.

How does having adequate cellular nutrition work for a Meniere's sufferer?

You may have heard of the term 'endolymphatic hydrops'. The definition of hydrops is: edema: swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities. We have such cavities within our ears.

So when you see or hear the terms, endolymphatic hydrops or secondary endolymphatic hydrops, what is being said is you have inflammation (or swelling) inside your inner ear.

The inflammation process is a natural biological reaction from your body to any disturbance in an area that needs help from the immune system. Under normal circumstances the immune system sends its defenders to deal with pathogens disturbing whatever part of the body is being attacked or disturbed.

The swelling occurs when a surge in oxidation takes place as a result of the frantic activity of your inner defenders and all the excess energy produced (creating what are called free radicals - like a fire spitting out sparks).  Your supply of antoxidants cleans up the mess and gets that part of the body back to normal as your new cells are regenerated healthily.

In medical science, there is a term: silent inflammation. This is when the inflammation process goes on for over-extended periods of time unnoticed.  The body's supply of antioxidants cannot keep up with the demand and it starts getting messy in there. 

Degenerative diseases and conditions can manifest as a result.  Your body is losing the inner battle and the inflammation becomes chronic, creating degenerative disease states.

Studies have shown that systemic inflammation is involved in at least 22 serious health conditions, including heart attacks, arthritis, diabetes and Parkinson's disease for example.

So it would seem logical that to stop this happening there are two things to consider: 

Identify what is the source of the resulting inflammation in your ear. ( Click here to learn how to do this).

And secondly, ensure your body can keep up with the demand for antioxidants needed while this silent inflammation is taking place. Ensure the systems in your body are functioning as they should be with no blockages, irregularities or dysfunctions. Ensure this through consuming the appropriate foods and supplements.

Giving your body the enough of the right nutrition may or may not address the underlying cause. It depends from case to case. We are all different and have different medical histories and environments.

For example, if the underlying cause of your symptoms were related to neck misalignments then supplements may supply the antioxidants needed to keep the inflammation at bay enough to reduce or eliminate some or all of your symptoms. But to get to the root of the problem you would need chiropractic manipulation or something similar.

On the other hand if your cause was related to endocrine imblances then the correct diet and appropriate supplements might be exactly what you need to get to the root of your symptoms.

A quality supplement regimen can aid and balance your immune system and cleanse you of toxins, allowing your body to take care of itself. The need for a multi-vitamin/mineral for everyone regardless of their condition is now accepted to be "prudent".

Prudent was the term used by a formerly very reluctant AMA when forced to accept that supplementation to our diet was needed after studies by two Harvard doctors showed this to be the case. These are the essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors needed by the body to function as it should.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need supplements. Unfortunately though, for a myriad of reasons this is not a perfect world when it comes to our health, what we eat and what enters our bodies.

Below are some examples how the correct nutrition may help someone suffering with the symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss:

Calcium helps transport oxygen through the blood around your body and in synergy with magnesium and vitamin D may help keep the tiny bones between your middle ear and inner ear from rupturing (it has been suggested that this can happen when there is a vertigo attack).

Gingko helps blood flow to the peripheral blood vessels especially around the brain area. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C in grape seed extract has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Again packed with antioxidants. It also promotes cardio vascular health, resulting in healthy blood flow.

Both Ginkgo and the bioflavonoid/Vit C combination are packed with flavonoids. Flavonoids are compounds that are found in fruits, berries, vegetables and certain beverages. Both the Linus Paul research institute at the University of Oregon and The University of Maryland Medical Center have stated that they can be beneficial to Meniere's sufferers. 

Flavonoids have been reported to have antiviral, anti-allergic, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antioxidant effects.

Certain types of flavonoids, especially the group of flavonoids known as hydroxyethylrutosides, may improve symptoms associated with Meniere's disease, including stabilization of or improvement in your hearing. The effects of other types of flavonoids on Meniere's disease have not been studied.

A study into the effects of antioxidants on the auditory nerves also suggests that supplementation can result in improved hearing.

This work was supported by the European Union Biotechnology Research Program (QLG3-CT-2002-01563), the Swedish Research Council, the Foundation Tysta Skolan, NIH Grant DC03820, the Ruth and Lynn Townsend Professorship.

"After being treated with doses of antioxdants previously deaf animals regained at least some of their hearing."

"This study demonstrates in vivo that free radical scavengers, a combination of vitamin E and C, not only enhance SGC survival but also increases electrical sensitivity in the cochlear nerve after deafness

Another important factor to note is that the nutrients in dietary supplements do not work in mutually exclusive way. They work in synergy with a healthy, whole food diet.

For the results and the safest choice, the manufacturing process of the supplements you use should be of Pharmaceutical grade, manufactured under the same strict regulations as drugs for medicine. This is something that is not as yet required by law, but a handful of companies volunteer to be regulated this way to prove the quality, safety and potency of their supplements. found that over 40% of supplements tested had serious defects. It would seem wise to use supplements that are at least consumerlab certified.

To get the exact details on items used, request the free Meniere's Help resource pdf. Email with the subject line: "resource pdf"

Basic Minimum regimen discussed above:

Antioxidants (Multi Vit) & Minerals
Grape Seed Extract

Add CoQ10, Lipoflavonoid Plus and Omega oil for full regimen:

Lipoflavonoid Plus
Omega Oil


*If you are taking blood thinners like warfarin or aspirin please consult your doctor before using Ginkgo*


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Disclaimer: This content is for educational purposes only. If you are thinking of using supplements for any condition, you should consult your treating doctor first.


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